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Alchemy challenge is a free card collectible game for Android. You are in a role of alchemist sitting in your development lab in a tower (on the left), fighting against another alchemist in a tower (on the right). To win the game, increase your tower levet to 100 or decrease opponent's tower level to 0. 

You can invoke a magical effect by playing a card against your opponent. You and the opposing alchemist both own magic cards. Each basic pack contains 75 cards of different power. Each round, you have 8 cards visible on the bottom of the playing field. You can use one of these cards. Used card is returned to the pack and a new random card will appear. The magical effect of the card is applied immediately. After you play a card, it’s your opponent’s turn. To see detailed information about a card and its effects, tap and hold it for a moment. If you don’t wish to play a card, press „discard here“ – the card will be burned and you will recieve a new card from your pack. Discarding a card counts as playing a round and it’s your opponent’s turn. Each round, you and your opponent will use one card until one of the Towers reaches 100 or 0.

Card usage is limited. You and your opponent need resources to use a card. Resources on the left are yours, while resources on the right belong to your opponent.


(example: This player has 17 points in Equipment with +3 for every round)
 Gold Stone 

At the beginning of the game, you have some basic resources – these automatically increase after each round. If you don´t have enough resources to use a card, this card will be marked and you will only be able to discard it. Using a card costs resources, you can see the card´s cost on the card.

Basic pack contains about 75 cards and their descriptions, which you can see after pressing Album in the main menu. Each card has a name that describes the magical effect, magical power and its cost in resources.


Building tower - builds the Tower and increases Tower´s points. The number of points raised is listed on the card.


Building wall - raises the Wall in front of the tower. The Wall prevents your opponent from directly damaging your tower. Opponent´s attack points are split between your Wall and Tower according to their levels. The Wall also helps against armies (see later) 
 Single resources increase - increases listed resources once
 Resources increase for every round permanent increase to the number of resources added after every round 
 Sabotage – decrease opponent´s resources once
 Attack magic – this card shows the opponent your power. This card’s effects decrease Tower and Wall levels. The decrease is split between Tower and Wall according to their levels. The higher the Tower level, the more damage it will receive.
 Summon monster - summons a monster that walks against opponent’s wall and tower. When it reaches the Wall or Tower, it destroys the wall if it exists, otherwise it damages the Tower according to the monster’s power level. The stronger the monster, the more damage it will cause. Your monsters can merge together before they reach the Wall or Tower, but if they meet an opponent’s monster, only the stronger one will survive.
 Defensive magic (The Trap)  -  this card creates a trap in front of your Wall to catch opponent’s monsters. When your opponent’s monster touches the trap, the monster is damaged by the card’s power level. One trap can only be triggered once. Maximum number of traps allowed is 3.

This is only the first version of the game. This version allows you to play against a computer opponent and supports a Bluetooth or Internet  multiplayers. We are continuously working on next versions, where you can join campaigns, online events and take advantage of many advanced cards. 

Stay tuned! Download this version for free on the Android Market. https://market.android.com/details?id=eu.acgame or on Amazon store - Alchemy challenge game

Alchemy challenge video

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